At Celebrity Projects, our team comprises a dynamic blend of young professionals brimming with enthusiasm and seasoned industry veterans who bring a wealth of experience to the table. In addition to our dedicated staff, we are proud to have an in-house lawyer who ensures that every contractual aspect is handled meticulously.

Our Qualified Advertising and Public Relations Experts

Our team consists of qualified advertising and public relations professionals who possess a deep understanding of the industry. We speak the same language as our clients, enabling seamless communication and collaboration. Moreover, our team is highly skilled in negotiating the best deals for our clients when it comes to acquiring talent. We understand the intricacies of talent acquisition and strive to secure the most favorable terms and conditions for our clients.

Unlimited Ideas and Suggestions, Free of Charge

As part of our commitment to providing comprehensive support to our clients, our team offers unlimited ideas and suggestions at no additional cost. We understand that creativity and innovation are crucial elements in developing impactful campaigns. By freely sharing our insights, brainstorming ideas, and offering suggestions, we help our clients unlock new possibilities and push the boundaries of their campaigns.

Negotiating the Best Possible Terms

Once the talent selection process is complete, our team takes charge of initiating contact with the chosen talent. We respect the preferred method of communication indicated by the talent and negotiate the best possible terms on behalf of our clients. With our expertise in talent management and negotiation, we strive to secure agreements that protect the interests of both our clients and the talent involved.

Water-Tight Contracts and Financial Management

At Celebrity Projects, we understand the importance of binding agreements that protect our clients and the talent. Our team is well-versed in contract negotiation, preparation, and execution. We take great care in drafting water-tight contracts that outline the obligations, rights, and responsibilities of all parties involved, ensuring a solid foundation for successful collaborations.

To provide an added layer of security and convenience, we facilitate the payment process by arranging for the collection of deposits and subsequent contractual payments through a bonded Escrow agent if necessary. This ensures transparency and trust throughout the financial aspect of the collaboration, giving our clients peace of mind.

At Celebrity Projects, our team’s expertise, dedication, and industry knowledge empower us to provide exceptional service to our clients. With a blend of youthful enthusiasm and seasoned experience, we navigate the advertising and public relations landscape to secure the perfect talent for each project. From identifying the right talent to negotiating contracts and managing financial aspects, our team ensures a seamless and successful collaboration. Trust us to deliver outstanding results, protect your interests, and make your vision a reality.

Not Talent Agents, but Strategic Partners

It is essential to note that we are not talent agents representing individual artists or sports stars. Instead, we are a dedicated team working on behalf of our clients in the advertising, public relations, promotion, and marketing industry. Our focus is on aligning our clients with the most suitable and influential talent to maximize the impact of their campaigns and initiatives.

Identifying the Perfect Talent for Your Target Market

When collaborating with our clients, our team takes the time to consult and understand their specific goals and target market. Drawing on our expertise and industry insights, we meticulously identify talent with the strongest appeal to the intended audience. Through careful evaluation and analysis, we ensure that the selected talent possesses the qualities necessary to deliver exceptional results while maintaining cost-effectiveness.



Movie & TV icons from the past can be even more powerful influencers today. Technology now allows us to colourise, digitise, alter, re-animate, and even put words into the mouths of long dead movie legends and iconic personalities. Subject to permission from the appropriate Estate. “Dead Famous” is a unique service from Celebrity Projects specialising in negotiating licenses and permissions with the Estates of deceased celebrities for advertisers to use photographic, film or video images of legendary celebrities for advertising or merchandising purposes.