Posted by Ron Mowlam on Apr, 07 2022

Harris Reed for Klarna

The British-American fashion designer Harris Reed partnered with Klarna to launch a competition in order to "find emerging talent within the fashion community". The winner will sit down for a "mentoring lunch" with the designer. Applicants to the contest have been encouraged to ensure that they keep sustainability and inclusivity at the core of their design, ensuring the championing of gender fluidity and sustainability. Applicants from both the US and UK have been invited to partake. The fashion designer said: 'There is no better way to foster this eco-conscious, inclusive culture than to instill this in the next generation of aspiring fashion designers. This competition builds on my previous work to champion gender inclusivity and I look forward to meeting with the winner and future creative talent'. David Sandstrom, Chief Marketing Officer at Klarna, said: “Klarna has long focused on championing diversity and inclusion in all that we do. Partnering with Harris Reed for this competition is a great opportunity to back the future of British American fashion, it builds on our work both supporting the fashion industry and designers but also ensuring consumers have sustainable fashion choices open to them.!” Brand ambassadors, celebrities and public personalities have been proven to increase sales and brand awareness THREE times more than a similar campaign without. This is something in which the team at The Celebrity Group have more than 30 years' experience. Contact them at