Posted by The Celebrity Group on Dec, 06 2023

David Gandy teams up with Hackett London

David Gandy's Wellwear Collaborates with Hackett London for Luxurious Loungewear Collection   Renowned British model David Gandy's clothing brand, Wellwear, has unveiled an exquisite loungewear collection in collaboration with Hackett London. The campaign images were personally shared by Gandy on his Instagram, accompanied by a heartfelt caption expressing his pride in the Wellwear team and the honor of partnering with Hackett London, a brand he has admired for two decades.     "So very proud of the @davidgandywellwear team for this project and very honoured to be working with @hackettlondon, a brand I first worked with 20 years ago and have admired ever since," Gandy wrote. He continued, "Each piece is designed to enhance your well-being, using beautifully tactile fabrics made with the best natural fibers and technical treatments that care for your skin, in a range of timeless silhouettes."     This collaboration promises a fusion of Gandy's refined taste and Hackett London's timeless elegance, offering a collection that not only prioritizes comfort but also promotes overall well-being. From tactile fabrics to meticulous design, each piece is crafted to stand the test of time, reflecting the commitment to quality shared by Wellwear and Hackett London. Elevate your loungewear experience with this exclusive collection that seamlessly combines style, comfort, and a touch of timeless sophistication. Did you know that having a brand partnership boosts your brand awareness and sales up to THREE times more than a similar advertising campaign without?

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